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(2 Points) My name:

(4 Points) My last name:

(4 Points) Who am I in love with:

(1 Points) Where did we meet:

(6 Points) Take a stab at my middle name:

(1 Points) where do i work:

(3 Point) what am i afraid of:

(2 Points) Do I smoke :

(3 Points) Do I drink:

(3 points) Do you think im a virgin:

(1 Point) Do I have any siblings:

(2 Points) How many:

(2 Points) What's one of my favorite things to do:

(1 Point) How many piercings do i have:

(4 Points) How many tattoos do i have:

(3 Points) What's my favorite type of music:

(4 Points) Am I shy or outgoing:

(3 Points) Am I a rebel or do I follow the rules:

(2 Points) whats my favorite color:

(3 Points) name something i hate:

(4 Points) whats my phone number:

(4 Points) what kind of sneakers do i wear:

(4 Points) do i have any pets:

(2 Points) Who am i dating/likeing right now:

(5 Points) how long have i been dating them:

(5 points) how tall am i?

(5 Points) What is my worst habit:

(5 Points on creativeness) If I were stranded on a desert island,
what would I bring:


80-85 Points; Best Friend.

70-79 Points; Great Friend.

40-69 Points; Friend.

20-39 Points; You should hang out with me more! Ask Me when.

00-19 Points; Either you're a crappy friend or you're a new friend!
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how are you today?
what do you like the most?
Wants to be your best friendfemme_slash_fan
is afraid of younakeisha
wants to kill youxpandapoo
hates youaverillovessev
loves youfemme_slash_fan
wants to marry yousql_girl
wants to spend the night at your housefemme_slash_fan
is the most likely to glomp you a million timesgawariel
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How many comments have you left today?
A secret must be told to you by:indyangel
A compliment must be left by:femme_slash_fan
However, a complaint about you should be left by:damaged_hearts
Some song lyrics should be posted for you to guess, by:gawariel
Also, a memory of you should be posted by:averillovessev
Ten words that bring you to mind must be posted by:damaged_hearts
A haiku (5, 7, 5) should be written about you by:jo_siris
An "anonymous" comment should be left by:indyangel
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The "leader" of campkimi_stuff
Kid who gets feathers and shaving cream all over damaged_hearts
That scary person who kept stalking younakeisha
Your secret loverkasiopeia
The scary teacher who is bent upon world rulingsql_girl
The kid who is actually there for band campnakeisha
Person who perves on you in the showersfemme_slash_fan
Kid who got thrown off the balconyaverillovessev
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01. Name: Kimi

02. Age: 22

03. Location: Middlesbrough

04. Occupation: Christmas Sales Advisor

05. Partner: N/A

06. Kids: N/A

07. Brothers/Sisters: Yes

08. Pets: Goldden Labrador - Bella

09. List the three to five biggest things going on in your life:
1. Work
2. LJ Community Challenges
3. Christmas Shopping
4. Losing Weight
5. Having Fun

10. Parents: Mom: Paula Dad: Darren

11. Who are some of your closest friends? Depends on your definition of 'close' I have friends who are closer than others, but non that I could consider close enough to be 'best friends' so to speak


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