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First off, I had a job interview yesterday and lets just say there was no point in me even doing it. Didn't get the job, though I knew I wouldn't after leaving the interview.

Second, I am sorting out my entire LJ, from friends to icons, to mood theme, to tags and posts. I'm still debating on whether to make it a friends only LJ or a partial friends only, or just leave it completely public. Now that I have my graphics one for all my graphics, I'm teetering on the edge of friends only for this one, as I do intend to use it more often. If I choose either friends only pr partial friends only, I would really love some help and stuff, on getting it all sorted (even though I've used LJ for a while now, I'm still pretty new at all the intricate things that go with it)
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This is a little nifty site where, by doing some online surveys, watching video's, and just passing the time away, can earn you points to trade in for real items on Amazon. Granted you need a fair amount to order some of the great stuff, but it really does work. There is no scam that I've seen yet, and I've had no complaints from anybody else I know who uses it.

All you need to do is click the banner here, and register, free of charge.

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A friend of mine has decided to make a facebook group called Living With Complex Pain Syndrome.

This group is not just for people who have the condition, but for anybody really, as it is full of information about the condition and what those individuals who suffer from it have to live with day by day.

I'm posting the link here, to maybe spark some interest in other online sources.
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Ok, so I've been having problem with my Blackberry connecting to the internet that is supposed to come with the Blackberry (has been fine up until around 5 days ago) been on the phone to customer services 4 times, and into the O2 store. Bot have said that it's either a sim card problem or a handset problem - so I've got a new sim card. I ave to wait until 24 hours after registering the new sim card to work out if it's working properly or not, that is around 8.30pm tomorrow night. I've decided to give it until Friday to figure out if it's broke or not. If the new sim card doesn't work properly then it is a handset issue, which means it will be cheaper for me to get a whole new contract phone rather than pay for a new handset.

I'm torn between two phones:

Blackberry Torch 9800:

£27 a month for 300 minutes, unlimited text messages and 500MB data (it is currently on offer, but don't know how long for)

iPhone 3GS:

£32 a month for 300 minutes, unlimted text messages and 500MB of data (this is how much it is no matter what)

Any recommendations on either of these phones would be fantastic :D


Apr. 19th, 2011 03:16 pm
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So I have a 1 month trial starting from 10th May, then, if all goes well I will have a job for at least a year.

Things are slowly looking up.
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Ok, yeah, so I went to the pub with a few friends, had food and drink (non alcoholic apart from a sip of Amaretto)

We were sat outside. This is what happens when you forget to put sun screen on:

Pictures Here )

Entirely my own fault.


Mar. 16th, 2011 02:02 am
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I have just posted almost everything I have on file/in my old journal/in photobucket over at my new graphics journal [ profile] grabagraphic

Eventually I will have everything graphics wise that I have made/capped myself posted there. I just need to finish capping/zipping/uploading everything first, but I will get it done.

Feel free to watch or request a membership.
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So I got sick of having a separate journal with my graphics in (can never be bothered to log out of this one) and I haven't updated it in a while. So I decided to finally make a community where I can maintain it and stuff without having to log out of this account. Yes. I'm lazy :P

Anyway, you can find it here: [ profile] grabagraphic

Enjoy! :D


Mar. 9th, 2011 03:12 pm
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I have been thinking, and I'm considering making this a friends only journal. I know there has't been very much gone into it recently, but I do plan on changing that. I also plan on putting more graphics into my journal too, these may or may not be friends only, I haven't decided on that part yet.

To Do

Feb. 20th, 2011 04:16 pm
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Ok, so I have a mini to do list.

When I say mini, I really mean mini

This is it:

Make graphics
Watch last weeks Criminal Minds

That is my list, I could add:

Make food, eat food, get a drink etc.

That I think would be pushing it.

Anyway, today will consist of making graphics and watching Criminal Minds (with eating and drinking in between)
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So, this is going to be a babbling post, but it's gonna also contain a few things that I need or plan to do or have done.

So I've been washing my hair the 'no poo' way for 3 weeks now, and I have to say, it is looking okay, I've managed to cut down the amount of times I wash my hair from 3-4 a week to 2 a week. This is better in itself 'cause I sometimes straighten it straight after I've washed it, and when I was washing it 3-4 times a week, it meant I was straightening it more often than not. Now, I straighten it maybe once a week, and sometimes leave it to dry naturally and leave it curly. (or in my case, wavy at the moment)

Washing it this way has also cut down on the frizz. My hair used to frizz majorly unless I straightened it, or curled it with tongs. Now I can wash it, leave it natural and it barely frizzes. This is a very good thing.

The only thing left now to sort with my hair is the colour and my fringe. My fringe is doing my head in, it used to be a full fringe, but I have a double carflick (or whatever they are called) which makes it almost impossible to keep the full fringe tidy. A side fringe is good, when it wants to work. I just need it cutting back in again, as the last time I had it done, it was in a full fringe. The colour, well, that I am going to get done when I figure out how much it is going to cost, and then I can save up for it, 'cause I want it doing properly.

I must remember to post here more often, 'cause I can get lazy, and think, "ahhh, I'll leave it for today, post tomorrow" but then, the same thing happens the next day, and the next, and the next.

I have a few photo's to upload to my computer. (when I say a few, I mean almost 500) I'm also going to start that mini photography thing here on Monday too. So those of you who are interested, keep an eye out for a post with how I've decided to work it.

My livejournal still needs a new layout. I've decided I want to have a whole new livejournal, including a layout, profile layout and moodtheme. I'm bored of the one I have right now, and with me having a paid account, I think a spandangly new one would work best, 'cause that way, I can have it all matching.

I may try and figure out how to do mood themes, if anybody has any hints and tips, that would be great. Unless somebody wants to make one for me, or direct me to anywhere that has them already, that would be great also.
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I said I'd post after the Secret Valentines at [ profile] crimeland and I've posted my gift, so here is the post.

This is in reference to the poll I posted a while back.

Everybody said they would be interested if I posted photographs to my journal. This is good, it gives me something to do during the day :D

Majority said they would be interested in giving me a weekly challenge. This is also good, I think. Hahahaha!

After posting the poll, I realised that there are certain things we get in this country, and north of this country than can be got/found in other countries, and the south of this country. Of course, if I was unable to photograph something due to it not existing here, then that would be totally different :D

So, here it is, I am open to a photography challenge off you guys, I just need one more thing from you :D

That is ideas on how to work this all out. Like, when the challenge starts, and when it finishes. Obviously, I'll have to post so people can comment with the challenge, maybe?

But any ideas in a comment to this would be fab! :D
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Yeah, this is one of those posts where I ramble.

I appear to fail at posting in my LJ, looking back, the last posts are from twitter, which is automatic, ooops.

Have had fun over the past couple of days, spamming with Team Morgan, but a few things have still be on my mind, which may be why I may not have been myself. (If any of you realised that I haven't been myself that is)

I am hoping to post more stuff in the future. More stuff that people may want to read. Maybe hopefully get to know people better too. More so from Team Morgan at [ profile] crimeland cause it's worth getting to know your team mates.

I was also thinking of trying to come up with a way to rally the troops too, the Team Morgan ones that is. But I don't know how to without sounding cheeky or anything.

Anybody have any ideas?
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So today I have had a rather crappy day. Started out sort of okay, just a mini headache and stuff, medication taken, that was sorted. Then it was time to put my laptop on. I made a timetable for various things, to keep me on track of everything that needs to be on track. The laptop gets put on at a certain time, for specific things. Only it did not want me to do those specific things. Microsoft word wouldn't open, then Excel wouldn't open. So I decided to play some games on the internet. No such luck, the games loaded, but took 3 times the normal speed to load up, then kept on crashing every 10 minutes (I have established since that it wasn't just me who the games were crashing for)

Google refused to work, so there was another slot in my timetable wasted today. I decided to come and check out livejournal. The communities and stuff (not to mention there was a challenge due in today for [ profile] crimeland which, yeah, once again I left until the last minute, though this time, it wasn't entirely my fault, as the video which was part of the image, refused to load until early hours of this morning. Whilst trying to work out the challenge puzzle, my computer wouldn't co-operate either, my video's constantly being slow, web pages with images not loading, but I eventually got some answers.

Then came the next challenge, (these ones are minor compares to the Secret Valentine) ready to post, but will it let me? Nope, not for 4 times in a row, it ended up posting on the 5th time, (which was a short while ago) but now I am rather peeved. And worried. Worried because, if livejournal and my laptop can mess me around tonight with posting, is it going to do the same when it comes to posting my Secret Valentine? I know I have 5 days to post it, but I have a feeling that, due to bad happenings in the recent past, I will need those days to make sure it is completed, and will have to post it on the last day. But, I guess I'll have to cross that bridge when I come to it, and hope luck is on my side for a change.

Rant over.


Jan. 31st, 2011 02:21 am
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Ok, so I only got a few responses to my poll! (LOL! lame poll mind!)

I can leave it for a bit longer, see if anybody else responds to it Over Here or I can close it now and leave it as is.

So far, the majority say that me posting photographs would interest them, and the majority also say that giving me a weekly challenge sort of thing would be something they would consider doing.

I've decided to leave the poll open for 2 more weeks (mainly so I can finish my Secret Valentine for the challenge over at [ profile] crimeland) and see if I get any more responses to it by then.

So I Fail!

Jan. 30th, 2011 07:23 pm
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Yeah, I spent time making a 'To Do' list, of things I planned on doing today, and so far, I have completed 0 of them. This is a total fail. Luckily, the list wasn't really that important, it was just a list of things that I need to do, but not urgently. It was supposed to be a way to cut my main To Do list down, as the things listed for today are easy to complete and won't take too long to do. This means I probably will still be able to do them before I sleep tonight hahaha! I think I may have to add a few things to it though, to make my larger list smaller.
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So we have established that we have a crazy dog in the family. This is good news, it means she is most definitely one of the family. She love the snow (when we have it) and she loves bubbles. This includes bubbles that you put in a bath, and the bubbles that you blow.

If we are having a bubble bath, (this could be any member of the family) we have to make enough bubbles in the bath to be able to scoop some out and blow them around the room or garden for the dog to chase. We are not allowed to have a bubble bath without giving her some bubbles to play with, otherwise she will just sit and cry at the bathroom door. She eves tries to get in the bath sometimes!

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Yeah, I thought I'd update from my phone. It's going to be a boring post again though hahahaha!

It may actually include another mini 'anybody fancy adding me to MSN' thing too. Oh, it appears I have hahahaha! :p

So I'm sat in Morrisons waiting for my dinner. It will consist of a jacket potato filled with tuna mayo, and salad.

Told you the post would boring :p
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So I thought I'd post something. I'm currently in the process of making things for the Secret Valentines over at [ profile] crimeland completed one of the newer things, in the process/almost completed the second newer thing (by newer things I mean things that I've not attempted to do before/not been started before tonight)

A very talented friend is helping me by giving me hints and tips on how to do things in Photoshop! For which, I am extremely grateful! :D It would appear that I am getting slightly better at things :D Woo!

I may go and find some new fonts too LOL! simply because I've got withdrawal symptoms from having barely any there hahahaha!

I'm also on a total icon/wallpaper tutorial scavenge hahaha! saved about 60 to my bookmarks already LOL!

If anybody should be reading this who is capable of making layouts/mood themes, I wouldn't say no to a spandangly one LOL! (I plan on keeping my paid account from now on, cause it's just that much better, so will be able to change it a couple of times a year and stuff :D)

Any way, back to photoshop me thinks, back to work instead of lazing about writing posts :P
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Ok, so I decided to do a poll thing.

[Poll #1671218]

If you have any more feedback on this, just leave a comment, they will be screened (mostly cause I'm testing things out LOL!) :D


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