Dec. 15th, 2011

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I realised I have barely posted here for a while, so I thought I'd give anybody reading an update.

We have broken up for Christmas from the course, I just have to work 9-6 Thursday 22nd and Friday 23rd as part of it, just no more written work until 16th January. It was originally 8th January, but the store we are training for isn't opening for a further 7 weeks from it's original date due to fibre optic internet cables from Denmark going under the area that the new carpark is going to be, the extra weeks are needed to reroute the cables so internet isn't cut off.

The store was originally going to be opening 20th February, it's been put back to around 2nd April. We were supposed to be starting work on 20th February, but due to the knock back, only so many of the new staff are starting on 20th February, the rest will be gradually started between 20th February and 19th March, and we should all be in by 19th March, as we start working before the store actually opens, so we can get used to the store and put stuff out.

We have also been given our job titles and hours, mine is Merchandiser 30 hours, nights over 4 days. This is good because I may be one of the ones that gets to start earlier, due to the type of job I have. The only thing I'm not too sure on is my wage, we have been told that day time starting wage is £6.65 per hour, but night time gets more than that, due to it being, well nights haha!

The only issue I'll have with the nights thing is I will have to make sure I get my [ profile] crimeland challenges done earlier than the last minute hahaha! I start work at 10pm so will prolly be getting up from my nap around 8pm LOL!

I'm gutted about this course because the 2 days we are working, 1 is my birthday, and the other is the day I get paid, which means I get to do my christmas shopping on Christmas Eve only, but I am free all week until Thursday, where normally I would be in the written half of the course Monday and Wednesday.

In news that isn't about work, I think I'm getting a wisdom tooth. While it isn't hurting much now, it started off as a small lump in my gum at the back of my mouth, and I prodded it with my finger (as you do) and my nail scratched part of the gum, and it felt hard, like tooth material. I just hope that if it is a wisdom tooth, that the pain doesn't start until after Christmas, and if it does cause me pain, I hope I can get it sorted (if it means being pulled out then fine) before I start work.

All in all, I'm happy I'm getting a job finally, but narked cause of tooth and unpaid work next week.


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