Nov. 25th, 2011

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Ok, so my mum came up with this idea that she would use one of those online sites to make me a customised calendar for next year. She wanted me to pick the pictures, but also wanted it to be a surprise too, which I told her, technically that couldn't happen. Then she had the idea of me being cheeky to all my "arty/graphics" friends from my "challenge community place" and asking them if they fancied helping me out. I said I'd try LOL!

So here it is, I told her I wanted a Criminal Minds/Bones calendar for next year, but stores don't do either of those shows in calendar format :(

My mums idea was that some of my friends could make some pictures for me, using caps/promo's from the shows, theming them to the months if you wanted, and then she would pick 12 of those for the calendar, the logic being that although I would see all the images, my mum would be the one picking the final ones, and therefore I wouldn't know what the final product would look like.

Edited to add fave characters hahaha!!!

Bones: Brennan/Booth, Angela/Hodgins, Team - any of those individually too
Criminal Minds: Prentiss/JJ, Morgan/Garcia, Reid, Team - any of those individually too

Edited to add specs found on the website for the calendar, if that will help.

Document Trim Size
Photo Wall Calendar
279mm x 216mm
1650 x 1276 pixels

Sorry for being so cheeky.


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