Mar. 15th, 2011

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Mar. 15th, 2011 12:44 pm
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  • Mon, 13:11: i think things are getting to me more cause i don't have many distractions haha
  • Mon, 13:21: i think, my stomach is trying to tell me something
  • Mon, 16:24: I manage to go all night and up to now without being human spoilers and then the major ones start appearing :/
  • Mon, 16:26: Can you believe somebody even had the cheek to email me with them too. Now that's evil
  • Mon, 16:40: It would appear that the siblings have come home and put their laptops on and the net refuses to work on mine
  • Mon, 17:19: the tank in the loft is leaking, we don't know how long for - there was a puddle in the airing cupboard and … (cont)
  • Mon, 17:50: mini irn bru yay!
  • Mon, 18:10: i have a weird pain in my stomach :/
  • Mon, 19:25: i think i'm going to straighten my hair
  • Mon, 22:14: Never fails to make me cry
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So I got sick of having a separate journal with my graphics in (can never be bothered to log out of this one) and I haven't updated it in a while. So I decided to finally make a community where I can maintain it and stuff without having to log out of this account. Yes. I'm lazy :P

Anyway, you can find it here: [ profile] grabagraphic

Enjoy! :D
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Banner made by [ profile] princesslacus
If you enjoy Criminal Minds and challenges, check out [ profile] crimeland. It's a challenge based community where you will have fun and make new friends. You compete for points by taking part in the challenges. Make sure you tell them [ profile] kimi_pie sent you there :D


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