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Ok, so I forgot to do this yesterday, that would be because I left the challenge due in yesterday at [livejournal.com profile] crimeland until the last minute again, and that took up my Livejournal slot in my timetable.

Criminal Minds 30 Day Challenge
1. Favorite episode?
2. What season did you start watching?
3. Favorite guest star?
4. Favorite female character?
5. Least favorite female character?
6. Favorite place the BAU has visited?
7. You’ve been kidnapped, and the BAU is doing victimology on you. What would they find in your room?
8. Favorite Garcia/Morgan moment?
9. Favorite Unsub?
10. Least favorite Unsub?
11. Favorite male character?
12. Least favorite male character?
13. Favorite couple?
14. Favorite episode quote?
15. Jason Gideon or David Rossi?
16. Elle Greenaway or Emily Prentiss?
17. Least favorite episode?
18. Most interesting case?
19. Grossest/most disturbing case?
20. Favorite Morgan episode?
21. An episode that made you cry?
22. Favorite Prentiss episode?
23. Favorite personal interaction between characters?
24. Favorite character quote?
25. Favorite Reid episode?
26. Favorite Hotch episode?
27. What would you want to see in a Criminal Minds movie?
28. How would you end the show?
29. Have you considered an FBI career because of this show?
30. Something you learned from watching the show

16. Elle Greenaway or Emily Prentiss? Emily Prentiss, no questions asked. Anybody who knows me should know this, and if you didn't already, now you do :P

17. Least favorite episode? Erm, I'm not entirely sure. I didn't particularly like any with Elle in it, but then, that would be a lie sort of, cause I liked the episodes, just not the Elle parts. My least favourite episode definitely lies somewhere in Series 1 and the beginning of Series 2 though.
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So today I have had a rather crappy day. Started out sort of okay, just a mini headache and stuff, medication taken, that was sorted. Then it was time to put my laptop on. I made a timetable for various things, to keep me on track of everything that needs to be on track. The laptop gets put on at a certain time, for specific things. Only it did not want me to do those specific things. Microsoft word wouldn't open, then Excel wouldn't open. So I decided to play some games on the internet. No such luck, the games loaded, but took 3 times the normal speed to load up, then kept on crashing every 10 minutes (I have established since that it wasn't just me who the games were crashing for)

Google refused to work, so there was another slot in my timetable wasted today. I decided to come and check out livejournal. The communities and stuff (not to mention there was a challenge due in today for [livejournal.com profile] crimeland which, yeah, once again I left until the last minute, though this time, it wasn't entirely my fault, as the video which was part of the image, refused to load until early hours of this morning. Whilst trying to work out the challenge puzzle, my computer wouldn't co-operate either, my video's constantly being slow, web pages with images not loading, but I eventually got some answers.

Then came the next challenge, (these ones are minor compares to the Secret Valentine) ready to post, but will it let me? Nope, not for 4 times in a row, it ended up posting on the 5th time, (which was a short while ago) but now I am rather peeved. And worried. Worried because, if livejournal and my laptop can mess me around tonight with posting, is it going to do the same when it comes to posting my Secret Valentine? I know I have 5 days to post it, but I have a feeling that, due to bad happenings in the recent past, I will need those days to make sure it is completed, and will have to post it on the last day. But, I guess I'll have to cross that bridge when I come to it, and hope luck is on my side for a change.

Rant over.


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