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Yeah, what the title says. For the past year, I've been sleeping, eating, watching TV and job hunting. Apart from the odd trips down to London to see friends and celebrities, and the odd meeting with a friend for dinner, that is literally all I've done.

It's hard because when I was in college and first year of university, I was a completely different person. I went out every so often, like real night outs, with friends. I miss that, and want it back, though lack of cash and the inability to actually drink much makes it hard.

I currently have a 2.5 day course I have to do, because of a potential job in the new year, which means that Monday I am out of the house 9.30-4.30, Tuesday I am out of the house 9.30-4.30 and WEdnesday I am out of the house 9.30-12.30 on the course, currently it's all written work, but starting the week of 28th I'll be doing one and a half days doing the written work, and one day I'll be out doing practical side of the course.

I feel that it's kind of pointless me doing this part of the course, because it's for Key Skills Maths and Literacy, which is basic GCSE's, and I have my GCSE's, A Levels and a degree, but I understand the second part of it, cause it's required for the job.

If I complete this course I will have a full time job (well, full time but minimum of 15 hours - which is technically part time) starting February 24th 2012, which will be fab for me, because it will take me out of the rut I'm in of having no cash, and plenty of bills.

I hope it will also give me the ability to regain a social life.
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