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So my plans for yesterday totally went out of the window. I ended up waking up with a headache, and going back to bed until it went off. Then when I did get up, I had some food and ended up going shopping with my mum. Came home and had more food,had a nosy out of the window at an accident scene across the road - looked like an off-road bike and a car got into an accident, though some people were taking the bike away before the police got there :/ Then we took the dog out for a walk - we were out for about 45 minutes with her - so we could walk me sister to her friends house.

When I finally got back in, I managed to gather some images together for the gift giving, though I never got to do anything with them, as I ended up watching Bones all night.

Today, I am going to specsavers as my glasses are rubbing against the side of my head/ear, and they need adjusting as they are giving me a headache (not the lens side, from the pain in the side of my head) then when I get home, I will have some soup and complete the gift giving challenge before I do anything else.

Date: 2011-11-01 06:48 pm (UTC)
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I am sorry you weren't able to get everything done, hope you are able to get your glasses fixed :) May you get everything you want done today


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